As a technology partner with Amazon Web Services, the IMMediate platform is a secure, cloud-based SaaS solution that’s both scalable and affordable.

From simple inputs, our complex algorithms harvest, analyse and interpret huge data sets to understand the strategy of competitors and recommend the optimum content you need to ensure your content engages with your target audience.

IMMediate simplifies our complicated world of content

Marketing has evolved beyond big data.
The urgent need is for better data,more accurate and
more closely connected data,for better insights and business outcomes”

Content Marketing Institute, 2019

An end-to-end, multi-country workflow management system, IMMediate’s algorithms identify audience and competitor trends across multiple markets, languages and channels to help manage content creation, while ensuring it’s relevant, accurate, and rewarding.

Delivering maximum audience engagement, leads, conversions and ROI from content marketing

“Marketers who don’t use ML are missing out
on leveraging their data for better product
development, service development, customer retention, and
customer expansion.”

Source: MIT Technology Review, 2019.

Marketers everywhere are realising that having the right data is essential; the tech behind IMMediate produces actionable insights to better understand customers’ needs and how to engage with them

Easy to use, IMMediate’s technology consistently analyses huge data sets from the web to predict trends and make actionable recommendations

The magic of AI is in its ability to improve over time to generate the optimum data-backed insights and recommendations. IMMediate is constantly evolving, reducing time, effort and resources.  

Delivering optimum content solutions across multiple markets, languages and formats; a seamless and efficient workflow system that can impact multiple users within your business.

Now imagine all this applied to the world of content marketing. Suddenly, you have access to a platform that is able to read, analyse and recommend content far better than humans, so your team is best equipped to focus on other import activities such as ideation and client relations.

It’s time to redefine your approach to content marketing and make IMMediate a member of your team!

Download our pdf to understand how the IMMediate platform’s AI and ML capabilities can help redefine your content marketing.

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