The IMMediate platform can deliver the following benefits to your content marketing efforts:

  1. Increased engagement, lead generation, conversions through data-driven ideation, actionable recommendations and accurate prediction across multiple markets
  2. Competitive advantage as you will see competitor strategies and future audience trends
  3. Maximise ROI, benchmarked across complex markets and audiences
  4. Improved workflow with streamlined, efficient content creation, publishing, analysis, optimisation

As content marketing professionals, we understand that different people want different things; from brand development and growth, to the continued success of your marketing agency, to increased respect and demand for the success that great content marketing can bring.

To help, summarised below are what we think the benefits are that the IMMediate Platform can deliver:

Benefits to Brands

  • Data-driven ideation that resonates with your target audience
  • Global, regional and local level audience insights ensure content is relevant across multiple-markets
  • Identify your competitor’s content strategy, predict their next-steps so you are always ahead
  • Real-time visibility over content performance, competitor activity, market benchmarking
  • Create content that is differentiated so you lead conversations rather than following trends
  • Improved workflow management that allows the client to track KPI’s and content performance across multiple markets
  • An easy-to-view dashboard that gives a clear view of entire marketing campaigns

Benefits to Agency Partners

  • Create a new revenue stream from existing clients
  • A new value-add service to your portfolio to help win new clients and tenders
  • Real-time monitoring of clients’ marketing campaigns
  • Predictive element creates a comprehensive brand amplification plan
  • Better understand the evolving preferences of audiences across multiple markets
  • Create content strategies backed by actionable, data-driven insights
  • Identify shifts in audience affinities and interests, to better repurpose and localise content across multiple markets
  • Better sharing of performance / benchmarking and optimization recommendations across disparate internal and client teams

Benefits to the Content Marketing Industry

  • Demonstrate the value of content marketing and ROI delivered to key business teams: brand, product, sales, finance, the C-Suite
  • Make content marketing central to your businesses’ decision-making and multi-market strategy development
  • Predict future trends and opportunities: content marketing influences brand development, marketing campaigns and product development
  • Reduce online clutter and deliver clearer, more relevant messages to audiences worldwide

Download our pdf to understand how the IMMediate platform’s AI and ML capabilities can help redefine your content marketing.

Contact us to discuss how IMMediate can help redefine your content marketing by maximising engagement, lead gen, conversion and ROI.

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